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Lenten Recollection

Date 24/03/2011

In keeping with the season of Lent, the SVD brother associates facilitated a recollection for the benefit of the elderly and youth clients of the BalaySamaritano last March 21 and 24. The recollection was given in the form of catechesis that the recipients would easily grasp.

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St Arnold

God's Plan


By calling the world into existence, God must have a purpose. By calling us to life, HE must have also a purpose. What is God’s main purpose for the world and humanity? Theologians would say that God wants to establish in the world His kingdom of love, justice and peace, a kingdom where all are brothers and sisters to one another. Whoever we are, we are called by God to contribute our share in making it a reality. Each one, married or not, is called to participate. This...

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Missionary activity is a spiritual battle where the individual can only be successful when he is supported by others (March 1879).                                                                                      Saint Arnold Janssen

The world is our parish! Presently there are 140 SVD Filipino Missionaries working abroad assigned to 36 SVD Provinces in 23 Countries. Their presence is more than enough to show that we are a missionary congregation making the world our parish! It is worth mentioning that out of the 140 Filipino missionaries, 54 hail from the Visayas and Mindanao islands.

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