Vocation Corner

St Arnold

God's Plan

By calling the world into existence, God must have a purpose. By calling us to life, HE must have also a purpose. What is God’s main purpose for the world and humanity? Theologians would say that God wants to establish in the world His kingdom of love, justice and peace, a kingdom where all are brothers and sisters to one another.

Whoever we are, we are called by God to contribute our share in making it a reality. Each one, married or not, is called to participate. This is our common vocation. This calling implies an implicit call to “holiness” which is the concretization of Jesus’ commandment to “love God above all things and to love the neighbour as yourself”. Through the prayer of our founder we let the Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - live in our hearts and in the hearts of all peoples.

Called to be SVD

Although all are called to cooperation in the realization of God’s kingdom here on earth, there are those who are called by the Lord to dedicate their lives solely for this project. As religious living in community, they consecrate their lives in making the world a better place where culture of life and the civilization of love are upheld and markedly lived. The SVDs are among them and make their specific contribution by promoting a culture of dialogue among all, especially with the faith-seekers, with the poor and marginalized, and with those of different cultures, religions and ideologies. They pronounced and made the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience as an expressions and means to achieve a life of self-giving, simplicity, and doing the will of God. In other words, the SVDs follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ, the Divine Word. We say: His life is our life; His mission our mission”.

THE SVD as a Religious Congregation

SVD stands for “Societas Verbi Divini”, which in English means Society of the Divine Word. We are called Divine Word Missionaries or “SVDs”. The SVD is founded by Saint Arnold Janssen, a German diocesan priest, in Steyl, Holland, on September 8, 1875.

The congregation is now considered as the largest “AD GENTES’ religious congregation, that is, it is sending more members outside their country of origin than other religious congregations. Moreover, in spite of its being founded only in 1875, it is now one of the largest male congregations in the world.

The SVD is composed of religious Brothers and Priests. Whereas a priest lives his life primarily fulfilling his priestly ministry, a SVD brother lives as a religious serving the people principally through his God-given talents and professional training. He may serve as a community organizer, an administrator, a mechanic, an agriculturist, a teacher, a psychologist, a health caregiver, an accountant, a egal assistant, etc.

As to our apostolate and ministries, the SVDs as witnesses of the Word are engaged, among others, in the following: school and parish administration, biblical formation, mass media communications, mission animation, youth formation, formation of future religious priests and brothers, chaplaincies, and promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation. This last includes community organizing, empowerment of cultural communities, care of street children, drug addicts, prostituted women and other marginalized sectors of the society, and also the care of the mother earth.


1. Initial contact with any SVD priest or brother

2. Contact and interview with the Vocation Director

3. Search-in sessions

4. Initial exams

5. Period of Discernment/Accompaniment

6. Other exams

7. Home visits

8. Final Search-in

9. Interview with the Admission Board

10. Gathering of the requirements


Fr. Sammy Clarin, SVD
email: vocation@svdphs.org
Divine Word Formation Center
Catalunan Grande
Davao City

Brother Irol Torres, SVD

email: svdbrosvocation@svdphs.org
National Brothers’ Vocation Director
Divine Word Mission Center
USC Main Campus
Cebu City

Fr. Ernesto Salvar, SVD

email: vocation@svdphs.org
Divine Word Mission Center
USC Main Campus
Cebu City